01 February 2012

Planning at the Disco

Greetings to the title since I'm really listening to I Write Sins not Tragedies, suits my entry for today! Well, yes I am very much excited to start working next week! After all that I've gone through, I really felt God's grace and plan for me. He really knows what's best for me, and since I know that I'm impatient, he taught me not to be with this challenge. So, to all of my friends who has been of support, family and boyfriend, thank you! :D

Okay, so I would assume that most of my closest friends know that I'm not the "planning type." I never had a planner, if ever my mom bought me one, I wouldn't use it. I also don't wear a watch. I'm really a thrill-seeker and I'm more of the bahala na type. I really don't worry about anything. Nevertheless, having this opportunity, after a long wait of having a job (I couldn't even imagine myself working, I feel like I'm still 17 haha) maybe it's time to have a little bit of change and sense of thought with things that I plan on buying for my first paycheck... and the second then the third... and the rest will be history (MEGANON FOX - credits to Jenny for that expression)

1. Duet Mic

A Magic Sing for my mom! She really wanted this ever since, and of course after her hard work of giving me an education, it's time to give back!


I will treat my AVFI family for one day in our ever beloved resort in Laguna. Maybe not the accommodation since we're always here, but for the piggin!

Minimates for my baby! Hihi. He loves collecting toys especially these ones now. Well one of his favorites is Magneto, so yeah! Hee. :">

5. Treat my friends wherever they want. I choose the date and time! Haha (high school & college; separately of course)

Treat my relatives for swimming!
(there's something about swimming huh)

Buy my sister an insane back casing for her iPhone!

8. Treat my family. Bahala na HAHAHA

9. Gifts for my inaanaks!

10. Pentax Optio I10 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD
Pentax Optio I10 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 5x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Pearl White)
I want a white camera, and so that I could be encouraged to blog more. My old one sucks.

Kodak EasyShare Sport C135Waterproof Digital Camera
EasyShare Sport C135 14 MP Waterproof Digital Camera with 2.4-Inch LCD (White)
A waterproof camera also since I love swimming.

If you have cool suggestions regarding a white camera that is waterproof, comment here or message me anywhere (Twitter, Facebook, email) Thank you! :)

P.S. Of course all of these won't be present during my first paycheck! Hehe. I'll save of course!

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