08 July 2012


5 months, yes 5 months!

If you would just observe my last post... I'll admit of course I've really been busy with...

Yes! I've graduated already! (this is totally a recap haha) thank you De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde! Moreover, thank you to my professors, blockmates, classmates, schoolmates and college friends! And speaking of friends, here's what I've been busy doing with them... :)

My bestest friend. My special friend. And any other kinds of connotations for a friend, the love of my life Bjie :"> Yes, we just turned 10 months yesterday! Time does fly by so fast. It was just a year ago that I was hoping to have a chance with him and a year after, I'm still taking my chances to be his ever after. The most special feeling is that nothing ever changed within 10 months. Everything is still the same. The way we talk, text and make each other swoon... Gaah, I'm so lucky. Best and only real relationship I've ever had. I love him so much.

College friends? Priceless. We had a post-graduation dinner at Bubba Gump in Greenbelt 5.
Lily, Rachelle, Criselle, Aaron, Tere, Bjie <3, Heidi, Joanna, Miera & Chibby.

Eika's birthday celebration @ Tides, BF Parañaque
Peter, Eika, Rap, Larky, Tita Tere, Ej, Aaron, Tere, etc... (haha sorry, I don't remember their names)

Eika and Larky's 1st year anniversary celebration @ Central, Taft
And yes! We miss our Central college days :( in that case, the music that kept on playing was our college days music, WTF
same cast + Enzo

With the CESI gang! Our bosses during our OJT!
almost same cast + Joyce, Ivy, Cholo and Pe
(can you even notice how lazy am I to repeat their names?)

*drum roll for the next photos please*

Yahoo! I am under the corporate world already! I work at Empire East (real-estate industry) owned by one of the top billionaires in the country, sir Andrew L. Tan. I'm a Training Assistant. What I do? I train. Yes, I take the train. Hahaha. Well yeah I take the train going to our sales office in Gilmore but sorry, there. I train real estate consultants. It's really fun. I remember the option of taking Recruitment or Training? I won't think twice now. It's a no-brainer. I'm really enjoying my job! Woot woot!
And my colleagues and bosses are so easy to be with! I really feel comfortable. In addition, the department that I belong to is the best ever. Even the bosses are cool!
This photo was taken during our company outing at Island Cove with Via and Karlo (my co-training assistants)

Meeting with the TRD! (Training and Resource Development team) at Gumbo, Gateway
Sir Arjay (Training Officer), Ms. Erika (my boss), Via and sir Chad (Head of Training) - we were also with the VP of Marketing Ms. JTL but she left when we had this picture taken, boo.

During the Annual Stockholders' Meeting at Richmonde Hotel, Eastwood City
Gawd I love the pastries, ALL THE TIME! *burp*

We have this color advocacy for our sales persons to reach 1.8B! Go for 1.8! :D
The days that we wore red and green are with Sir Chad (no upload yet)
Pink day, no photo taken :( boo!
Like the effect Sir Em put on our orangeyyyy look!
Sir Em, Sir Bheng, Mish, Ms. Cosca, Ms. Kriztel, JTL, your awesomeness, Ms. Erika and Ned

MAGKAISA, the Marketing way. Hahaha

FUN PEOPLE + FOOD (and when I say food, IT'S FOOD) = MARKETING

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