30 July 2012

Je Rule

All of my closest friends know that don't like to shop, I don't go to clubs, and I barely eat at hotels for buffet. Those Fiamma, 7th High and Rebupliq annoys me. What I'd rather do is hang out at a friend's house and drink (and dance), watch a movie, eat ice cream, read a book, or go to bar and restos like 19 East. I'm not the A-type even though I came from an A-school. I don't just get the fuss out of it. I always want to be practical in life unless there's an invitation but I always wanna relax. Moreover, I'm really lazy.
Here's an example: If I have to go clubbing, I'd buy a dress put make-up... Gah. It's too expensive! Hahaha well anyway. How about I'd tell you what I do (a little bit of shopping and eating) I'll arrange this from least to best.

One of my favorite shops since high school. I shop here for undies! Hihi. That's it! But when I shop here, it's one time big time. Topshop's undies are so comfortable. I also buy tank tops too! If quality is what you're looking for, this is one of the shops you'd stop for. It's really affordable. Prices are very reasonable. (Unlike Zara, for me their just the same. Zara's overrated) Or let's just say, I'm loyal. Haha

Duh, there's no VS here in Manila. What my sister and I do is that we buy from abroad (we don't go there just to buy) but my sister's friend's aunt goes back and forth. Bikinis and undies, are so perfect. One-of-a-kind designs. It could fit whatever body structure you have. Stoked, well you can find it Glorietta, Trinoma, GH, MOA etc. If it's board shorts and slippers that I want, this store is a no-brainer for me. Unlike yes, you'd want to buy Billabong, Roxy or Ripcurl in Rustan's but Stoked is more of an outlet so it's cheaper!

Yes, this is the most important store for me. Since I'm more fond of vintage styles whether shoes, bags or shirts, I'd rush here. Cheap and fun. (ooh and the photo I got has sale on it. Whuuut)

Best ever Chinese restaurant! Yang Chow and noodles are served for at least 2 persons and you just get a total of P850 or less! I'm hungry. :(

Nothing to counter that since I couldn't think of any Chinese resto cheaper than this.

Bjie and I love to eat here. You'll love their fish fillet and the amazing dip! Their pasta and pizza are delicious enough but a price for the buffet of P290 is more delicious.

No buffet to counter that. If you want to talk about Vikings and Yakimix, well they're more expensive.

Too tired of Starbucks since it has been all around town? Well, thanks to Taft of having a franchise of this at UM. This is where we usually hang out during college (and some of my friends until now) while waiting for the next class. Memories enclosed but it may cost heavier than Starbucks but if you want a different taste of frappe, especially White Chocolate Dream oh lala...

Maxwell coffee! (Oops, to counter that) My mom makes the best Maxwell coffee and cream ever though... No need for the photo of the brand, it will just take the whole space for the best next one to anyone who has ever lived or tried BF...

Has anyone tried the Shawarma in Cuenca? Well, it's also one of the best Shawarma's I've tasted (but please let's not debate about the Christmas Cuenca Bazaar, please don't. That one is unforgivable! Woot!) Ruins has always been the "Kung may kailangan ka kahit pagkain, t-shirt or tsinelas na cheapangga" just don't buy bags, branded but ja-feyks! And whenever I'm in Ruins, this Shawarma is all lined-up.


Nah, I'm just kidding. Actually ever since high school also we'd love to hang out here. Different friends from BF, even my sister's friends. Unlike Central (too crowdy, overrated) it's more relaxed here. The people and the place, perfecto!

One heavenly place to counter that is my home.

Last but not the least...

TA-DA! Heaven is a place on earth... Books, keychains, notebooks = all the pretty ones! You could also find here 'for the gifts' where they have personalized figurines, pens etc. Well, I would counter this with Papelmeroti but you won't find rings or necklaces (or even great books) there. Reasonable prices! You could even survey laptop stickers here! Goodbye Powerbooks and of course, National Bookstore. If it's buying set of books like Fifty Shades of Game of Thrones, the sets here are always sold out.

The Unje Rule

1. If you want to look cool with what you wear, you could buy in expensive stores as long as the quality is at its finest and it's unique.
2. If you want to look cool (the desperate amount that you would check in in Foursquare of Facebook) with what you eat, as long as it's the last restaurant on earth (like pretending it's your last pigging day) be sure that it's not pricey and the meal isn't served like a spaghetti in Greenwich that you could eat it with two pigging table spoons.
3. If you want to have coffee, go to Coffee Bean.
4. If you want to buy books, keychains or all of it in one, just be sure that you could budget it well. Rather, don't buy and just go to Republiq. At least you have saved some to parteeeh!
5. It's better if you go to bazaars and stop social climbing.

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